Extended Project Qualification

Course Type: GCE Advanced Level

Department: EPQ

Why Should I Study This Course?

This is a Level 3 qualification which provides valuable additional UCAS points. Social skills and confidence developed throughout the project have enabled students to be more confident in university or job interviews, giving them a chance to excel and reach their goals. Students are able to develop independence through researching a topic of their choice and then confidently presenting their findings to others. Students who embark on the Extended Project find themselves with increased motivation, confidence and maturity.

What Would I Study?

A topic of the student's own choice. Example titles include:
- Is Barbie a suitable role model for young children?
- Investigate whether Disney films have influenced children's views on gender stereotypes in society
- Are modern day video games a good or bad influence on children and adults behaviour?

How and When is it Assessed?

Students complete a project of their own choosing and they are assessed on their final product. This could be a report, or an artefact along with the evidence of the process they have gone through, which is in a detailed log book.
The final stage of the Extended Project Qualification course is a presentation explaining the findings of your project. This takes place at the end of the course. There are no examinations!

Where Can This Course Take me?

This course is an excellent choice for all students planning on going to University or into employment. Skills such as decision making, problem solving and critical thinking are developed by the students.