Course Type: GCE Advanced Level

Department: Languages

Why Should I Study This Course?

Do you enjoy exploring other cultures, flexing your muscle memory? Want to develop transferable skills such as problem solving, listening skills communication orally and in writing? Then A level French is for you. Your country needs you! After Brexit, Britain's monolingualism will hold back the economy. It is therefore more important than ever to study a foreign language. If you study French you're very employable. Language skills are in high demand in many career sectors, especially if you work for a business which operates internationally.

What Would I Study?

A Level French includes a full grammar course, the film 'La Haine', the play 'Les Mains Sales' by Jean-Paul Sartre
In addition the following topics are covered through listening, speaking, reading and writing:
- Changes in French Society (Changing family structure in France, Education, World of work)
- Political and artistic culture in French speaking areas (Music, Media, Festivals and culture)
- Immigration and French multicultural society (positive effects, Le Front National)
- The Occupation (occupied France, the Vichy regime, the Resistance)

How and When is it Assessed?

- Paper 1 - Listening, reading and translation into English
- Paper 2 - Written responses to film and play, translation into French
- Paper 3 - Speaking exam
- All exams take place in the Summer Term of Year 13.

Where Can This Course Take me?

French is the offical language for the UN, the Red Cross, and the International Olympic Committee. France, Canada and Switzerland all rank in the top ten coutries with the greatest scientific impact. Other possible careers include but are not limited to: M'decins sans fronti'res, International Development Worker, Diplomatic service, Broadcast Journalist, Gaming industry, Flight attendant, Fashion buyer, Photographer, Careers in business, finance, law, teaching, marketing, advertising and PR, manufacturing, and medical technology.