Course Type: GCE Advanced Level

Department: Maths

Why Should I Study This Course?

If you enjoy the subject! Mathematics will help you to develop problem solving skills and logical reasoning, and will support your studies in other subjects, such as Sciences and Psychology. Mathematics is also an attractive qualification to both employers and Universities.

What Would I Study?

? Core - Algebraic Techniques, Calculus, Integration, Functions, Mathematical Modelling, Exponentials and Logarithms.
? Statistics - Processing, Interpreting and Analysing data including a large data set.
? Mechanics - Forces, Interaction of Physical Objects, Equations of Motion, Projectiles, Moments.

How and When is it Assessed?

Assessment for A Level Mathematics will be in the form of 3 examinations (2 for AS Level).
Examinations will take place at the end of Year 13.

Where Can This Course Take me?

A Level Mathematics can lead to careers or further education in many areas including;
Engineering, Sciences, Accountancy, IT, Actuary, Research, Education.