Philosophy, Ethics and Theology

Course Type: GCE Advanced Level

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Why Should I Study This Course?

This is a challenging, inspiring and fascinating programme of study which aims to study the complexities of human thought and existence - developing a lively, critical and highly reflective approach to the study of Philosophy, Ethics and Theology. We address many of the eternal human questions about life and death, whether God exists, values and relationships and the meaning of right and wrong. If you have an enquiring mind, a curiosity about the development of human thought and beliefs throughout history, and a thirst for knowledge then this is the course for you!

What Would I Study?

You will study a wide range of Philosophical, Ethical and Theological issues such as:
- The Problem of Evil & Suffering
- Challenges to Religious Belief: Psychology and Atheism
- Ethical Theories such as Virtue Ethics, Ethical Egoism and Natural Law and the application of these to modern issues
- Situation Ethics, Utilitarianism and the question of Predestination
- The Role and Influence of Feminist and Liberation Theologies
- Social and Historical Developments in Religious Thought: in relation to Science, Secularism, Migration and Gender Equality

How and When is it Assessed?

You will be assessed throughout the course by regular Timed Essays in class, as well as longer essays completed outside of the classroom. This will prepare you for the final written examinations.
There are 3 two-hour written examinations in the summer of Year 13, at the end of the two-year course.

Where Can This Course Take me?

This course could lead to careers including:
Philosopher, Lawyer, Journalist, Teacher, Lecturer, Politician, Sociologist' the list is endless!