Course Type: GCE Advanced Level

Department: Science

Why Should I Study This Course?

Physics is a fascinating subject which opens the door to a world of exploration. Through the study of Physics you will discover the inner workings of the universe from Classical Newtonian Mechanics to Quantum Physics & Cosmology. Physics will engage, inspire and challenge you, stretching your mind and expanding your capacity to think. You will develop a vast array of analytical problem solving skills that will serve you well whatever path you decide to follow in the future.

What Would I Study?

Year 12: kinematics, force, nonlinear motion, work, energy, power and the behaviour of materials, Electricity, Waves, Quantum Mechanics.
Year 13: Newton's laws, circular motion, gravitational fields, simple harmonic motion, thermal physics, quarks in particle physics, cosmological mysteries, contributions physics has made to our modern world. You will also have the opportunity to travel to Geneva and visit the Hadron collider at CERN. From nuclear to medical Physics learning how out understanding of the atom has advanced our ability to harness the great potential locked inside matter, study the function of the body and diagnose illness.

How and When is it Assessed?

Throughout the course you will complete at least 12 core practical investigations, which will lead to a practical endorsement graded Pass or Fail.
If you wish to study the full A level there are 3 examinations at the end of Year 13.
If you opt to follow the AS course there are 2 examinations at the end of Year 12, but these will not count towards the full A Level.

Where Can This Course Take me?

Physics is a qualification which opens doors; here is just a flavour of where Physics can lead you: Acoustic Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Architect, Astronomer, Economist, Financial Analyst, Geophysicist, Medical Physicist, Meteorologist, Nuclear Physicist, Patent Attorney, Renewable Energy, Space Industry.