Course Type: GCE Advanced Level

Department: Psychology

Why Should I Study This Course?

Psychology is a scientific discipline encompassing number, communication, written and ICT skills. It is useful for professions that involve dealing with people including teaching, solicitor, social work, sports psychology and medicine. It combines well with many subjects including Biology, Mathematics, Philosophy and Ethics as well as Chemistry.

During the 2 years, you will discover research that explains why we act the way we do. Is it due to our genetics? Or is it down to our friendships? Is there anything we can do to change ourselves or is our personality predetermined? Do our dreams mean anything? Why do we forget some things but fail to forget other things? (Like that time you called your Teacher 'Mum'). Psychology allows you to explain human behaviour in a scientific way.

What Would I Study?

Social influence - Can I use psychology to get you to do bad things?
Memory- Why do you forget? Can I put false memories in your brain?
Attachment - How important is childhood? Does it affect your older self?
Psychopathology - What is OCD? What is depression? Why are some people scared of shower curtains?

Approaches to Psychology - Is Psychology a Science? (Yes, it is)
Biopsychology - Can damage to your brain affect your personality?
Research Methods - How can we study behaviour in a scientific manner?

Issues and Debates - Are we biologically determined? Are we determined by our childhood? Relationships - Why are some relationships successful and some aren't?
Schizophrenia - Is Schizophrenia even real?
Aggression - Why are some people more aggressive than others?

How and When is it Assessed?

Students will sit three 2 hour written examination papers.
Each examination equates to 33.3% of the total A Level grade. These examinations will have multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions.
All examinations will take place in the Summer Term of Year 13 (June).

Where Can This Course Take me?

Psychology is relevant to many careers involving interactions with others. An A Level in Psychology is also useful if you wish to go on to study Law, Business and Medicine.
Possible careers include: Clinical Psychologist, Counsellor / Counselling Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Police Detective, Psychotherapist, Occupational Psychologist, Careers Adviser, Human Resources Officer / Manager.