Course Type: Level 3

Department: IT

Why Should I Study This Course?

Information and Communication Technology is prevalent in all walks of life. Having the knowledge and skills associated with ICT is essential regardless of the career path you wish to follow. This course is aimed at those students who wish to pursue ICT as a career or wish to expand their knowledge significantly

What Would I Study?

There are 6 units. These cover topics such as:
Creating a wide range of digital business communications; Working collaboratively to produce an ICT based product (for example a magazine); Problem solving; Multimedia design; Digital photography; Desktop publishing;
The Cambridge Technical Diploma builds upon the Certificate and a further six units are undertaken. These include:
Spreadsheet Design; Digital Animation; Interactive Multimedia

How and When is it Assessed?

As a Vocational Course this will be primarily assessed through coursework, however there will be an examined element. Further details are still to be confirmed. Please see the Head of Department.

Where Can This Course Take me?

Undertaking this course could lead to careers in: Multimedia Design, Web Design, Web Administration, Game Design