Message from the Head Boy and Head Girl

Our Heads

Ryan Laybourne

Head Boy

Lois Wiszniewski

Head Girl

Lee Stonehouse

Deputy Head Boy

Cecilia Reid

Deputy Head Girl

Their Message

As the Head Boy & Girl, it is our role to work with the Deputy Head Boy & Girl who make up our team to organise a variety of the important events that happen in Sixth Form. On a day to day basis, we represent the student body, liaising with staff and pupils. Most notably, it is our responsibility to organise prom, the yearbook and any fundraising activities that go on throughout the year - Sixth Form parties, for instance, are (in non-pandemic times) a huge aspect of sixth form life and an effective way of raising funds. We listen to the wishes, ideas and thoughts of the Sixth Form students, being open to suggestions and ways they wish to improve or add to the Sixth Form Centre or ideas for fundraising events. We represent the school and Sixth Form by speaking at parents evenings and assemblies and when visitors come to school, we do tours around the building. At all times we hope to act as role models for younger students. Being part of the Head Boy/Girl team is a great honour that comes with responsibilities that go beyond just representing the school and Sixth Form body. Alongside our studies, we have to communicate with outside venues and companies, manage the Sixth Form student budget and make decisions regarding these external events on behalf of the student body.